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Quinn is your partner to well-rounded, trusted healthcare – supporting you anywhere, anytime. We connect you to experienced medical professionals with full local registration, offering an array of evidence-based treatments delivered with discretion, and making the most out of digital tools to make your healthcare journey convenient, comfortable, and complete.

Why Quinn?

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Experienced Doctors
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How Quinn Works?

Take any of our online questionnaires from our categories, so we can better understand your medical concerns.
Schedule a teleconsult with our experienced doctors who will recommend a suitable health test and/or treatment. 
**You can omit the teleconsultation if you are simply purchasing supplements, over-the-counter medications or health test kits.
Test kits and/or medications conveniently delivered to your doorstep.
Results emailed to you with recommendations on next steps.
For in-person consultations and further health tests that need licensed supervision, Quinn extends uninterrupted online-to-offline continuity of your care with our partner, DTAP Clinics.


You do not need to consult a doctor if you are buying supplements or non-prescription medications; or if you would like to perform some tests.

However, if you would like to speak to our doctors regarding the tests, or to address any clarifications you may have, you may purchase a teleconsultation session. 
Yes. Once your schedule for the teleconsult session has been confirmed, a unique link will be sent to you via email. 

To join your teleconsultation, simply click on the meeting link at the appointed date and time. You will be connected to an assigned doctor within a few moments.
With the exception of nutritional assessment teleconsultations, all teleconsultations will last up to 10 minutes. Nutritional assessment teleconsultations will last up to 20 minutes.
In cases like this, our doctor will assist in changing your order. With your consent, we will replace the items with the recommended prescription medication and charge you accordingly. A refund will be issued in the event of a lower bill than what was previously paid. Additional payment will be required if the new total bill exceeds the original amount paid. Medications will not be dispatched until all payments have been received. 
The doctor performing the teleconsultation reserves the right to amend the prescription medications that you have selected based on your suitability. A refund will be issued in the event of a lower bill, or additional payment may be required if more medications are added to your cart, should you agree. Please be informed that the refund to your bank account will take place within 2 weeks from the date of the transaction.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email and we’ll gladly help address your concerns.

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